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Guidance Through The Construction Process

Let Us Assist You With All The Aspects Of Your New Home Or Renovation

CMM Builders, Inc. can help you with all aspects of any construction project. Whether you are looking to build a new custom home, to make renovations or additions, or to create a new commercial space, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Already have a property that’s vacant or ready for a tear down? Let us help you review potential properties and help explain what zoning requirements would allow and what type of structure you could build. Need a realtor to find you a new location? We have one of those, too!

Already have blueprints and plans? Have no idea where to start or what you want to design? We are happy to work with existing plans you have or to put you in contact with our trusted architect who can help design and bring your vision to life. We will evaluate your location, plans, setback and zoning requirements. We will ensure all plans comply with local building codes and will work with the architect to make any updates or style changes necessary. We manage all inspections and secure your Certificate of Occupancy at the end of the job.

Almost an endless variety of plans are available to you when building your custom home. We can take the lead and guide you through every aspect through to your final walkthrough. We’re here to save you time and effort. We aim to deliver you a home with the exact look and function you desire. Together, we will work with you and the architect to make your plans a reality!

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